Once your Web site has been designed, it has to be placed on a server (host) so that the rest of the world can access the pages. To make sure your Web site is accessible, you need to select a quality host like DesignNet.

Stable Servers -- Your web site will be hosted at a State-Of-The-Art Data Center on dual Intel Xeon(TM) 3 Ghz processors and 2 GB of RAM plus two SCSI drives at 10,000 RPM in a raid 5 configuration. Lightning fast connectivity.

Redundant Connections -- We are connected via multiple redundant lines to UUNet and Sprint. Because of this, even if one provider has network trouble, all traffic will automatically be routed over the other lines.

Plenty of Bandwidth -- We have made a commitment to our clients never to exceed in usage 66% of our bandwidth allowance. This ensures that even in the event of unexpected surges in bandwidth usage there will always be plenty of bandwidth available for all clients.

Our uptime guarantee -- We guarantee that all servers will have a 99% uptime average exclusive of natural or man made disaster or circumstances beyond our control or absolutely necessary announced downtime. We have maintained an uptime average of over 99.995% since we first went online.